By what are you being influenced every day?

Biswajit was murdered in broad daylight few days ago; Milon was killed brutally and cruelly; Rajon was not also spared. Innumerable tender faces are being banished beyond scenes by this regular brutal cruelty. Killing teenage by entering air with compressor into anal, dumping dead body of child beside the dustbin, emptying mother’s lap –the conscience of nation brags cheekily “God has taken what He possesses”. Public becomes speechless, hard to devour, but no late to be influenced; so we have learned quickly – whatever happens all possess to God.

The number of domestic torture is increasing; celebration of mass raping is going on; teenage, students of school and university, woman laborers, aged widow – no one is spared from this diabolic rape tormenting. The violent hyenas are looting honor from garment workers to hilly-tribes. As the robbers rob breaking safe of house, they are looting everything, and the nation cheekily brag “Is it government’s duty to guard all houses?”

The public are speechless, looking at each other; and then take the lesson by their own “Now we are not for each other, as we were before”. Thus the teachings of the scholar have been changed, wrong exercises have been taught to the children schools and the future of the nation immerse in darkness.

Yet we hope, one day everything will be changed. No other garment factory will be collapsed and life of innocent workers will be lost; no bank will be looted; no dream will be broken by accident or indiscriminate firing of terrorist; no one’s vermillion will be erased; false doctrine will not be nourished by political shelter; no alleged culprit and assassin will be freed without justice; general people will not be scared by the raving of drunkard after so-called overnight entertainment; no shameless moaning of insomnia girl decorated with cheap make-up and lurid scent will be heard; the flowery bed of velvet will not be drenched with sick blood and no new-born baby will be benumbed by the mechanical chaos. Children will go to school safely; the hospitals will be safe places and the law will be transparent.

All those are our expectations, or waiting for the dreamy future. But the daily reality is teaching us to be influenced by evil. “Influence” is one of those words of our vocabulary which has deep insight meaning. Though it is a small word but we can make a tough question with it, like – By whom are you being influenced? By what? Or why?

These innumerable “why” is moving inside us being pain, torment is growing in mind. Egoistic people are being lonely. But is it really possible to be influenced by the surroundings? Does it really bring any change in our thought? Actually in our own realm we are all alone. Everyone has his own world; no other knows the boundary of that world, its color, its nature – it seems like a full-brim river, which is flowing continuously with its own speed; in any obstruction it changes own direction.

But if we know our entities, recognize it – then we have no fear to be influenced by evil. Actually the evil thought is born in our own mind that drags us toward sin. And ultimately this terrible sin reveals in our personal and social life; jealousy, greed, lust, lie, pride and grudge reveals every moment. Thus we are influenced by the evil instead of prevent it; and the influence of evil and cruelty in family and in society increases. Inner emptiness grows badly.

We have to find a way to get rid of it; we have to come closer to the truth and knock on the door. Who can deliver us from the hidden sins of our hearts?

Let’s ask this question to our conscience; let’s find out before completely fade out. Off course our Creator is great; He will never abandon us or throw us into darkness. He created us with great care, not to be destroyed. We have to turn back to the truth; need to grow with the beauty; repent for our hidden sin; keep ourselves free from the influence of evil, apologize by surrendering ourselves to God and stretch our hands toward Him for help.

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