Cheating others or being fooled?


In our childhood, we all heard either from our mom or dad about “The story of a Tiger and a Shepherd boy”.Can you remember? Surely you remember what the shepherd boy said to cheat everyone “Tiger has come, Tiger has come”. When people heard his screaming and came runningto save him, theyfound nothing,having done those he would deceive everybody andfelt fun. But truly the day appeared when a tiger came to the boy and he cried loudly for the sake of his life; though it was a matter of sorrow but no one came there to save him.

Well, our parents also heard this short story in their childhood. But why didn’t they tell the stories of their own experiences instead of telling again and again this same story? What is the theme of the story? Do not fool someone by deceiving for your enjoyment. Time will come when it will strangle your throat and you will not get released.

Well, is the world’s intense system that people being deceived and tolerate silently? And is he delighted to deceive others? Well, deceive means cheating, doesn’t it? But if I tell that I have been deceived then it seems bit naughtiness but if I tell that I have been cheated then it means ruthless.

But the truth is, every day we have been doing this cruel thing very efficiently and for this, we are applauding ourselves. Thus, gradually by doing little deceiving works, deception becomes a portion of our life one day.

We deceive others, others do same with others, and thus deception spreads from one to another like spreading contaminated disease in our society. Deception is caused for destroying home, heart, from education system to social system, country system; as if everything has been suffered from fatal disease. Like termite insects, the power of our beliefs is being decayed.

So have we returned again to that perilous darkness? Have we returned to that period of ignorance? Hadn’t we any past? Hadn’t we any ancestors? Are we not ignoring the values of freedom gained by the blood of millions of martyrs?

Let’s ask question ourselves, let’s look at ourselves. Why is the deception? Why is this cheating? Why are we cheating other? Why is the destruction game?

Let us imagine, one decision is enough to change ourselves. Awakening has begun. Change is coming. Why don’t you evolve in beautiful? You rise; by seeing you, ten people will come forward to rise themselves. Indeed, we can ignite the fire, we can enlighten. We have been created by our creator with dominant power over all the other creations. Let us create the habit of walking on His indicated way.

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