Why do we prioritize our self-interest first?

Friend, you care about your own interest,

I care for mine,

Not just matching our ways, but increasing the gap in between.

All the possibilities covered with uncertainty,

No freedom in blind life,

Estimating the self-interest by…..

Alas life, without estimating interest we cannot extend our hands of faith today, Can’t help the people who are helpless and oppressed without being selfless. Self-interest is creating disunity in relationships, it breaks our family, raises the wall of discrimination, breaks social-life. Self-interest takes us to the wrong destination, leads to a uncertain death.

But why? Why is this selfishness? Old nature of the human being! What is the truth? Is selfishness hidden in our old nature?

God’s Word, the Book of Genesis chapter 3, talks about mankind being disobedient. Where Satan tempted Adam and Eve, because of greed they ate the fruit and disobeyed God.

Pursuing power, external beauty and the ability to gain knowledge was in their thought. Because of prioritizing their own interest they both disobeyed God.

For their disobedience they fell into sin. And now because of sin we are screwed into the darkness day by day and becoming poor to poorer. We can remember the Holy Word of the Lord, “Where your treasure is, your mind is there”.

My friends, if we look at ourselves; what wealth are we storing in our hearts without pride, lying, greed and selfishness? But why, for what are the precious wealth of the world are we being such ruthless selfish?  Sacrificing all our humanity, ideals, and conscience? Learn to love, forgive with a hug; true forgiveness will make you great. You cannot be selfish and happy at the same time. Don’t trust in false information and false miracles but seek the holy Word of the Lord. Only the Word of God can change our thinking. It shows us the way of truth, the path that is straight. It brings peace, freedom, salvation in our hearts. Selfishness brings us to an empty world, it makes us more needy, destroys our inner peace and we keep sinning, due to sin, we die in our spiritual life.

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