Speed pleasure versus lives

Bangladesh is the place where terrible road accidents happen because of high speed and no respect of the basic driving rules. All of us (foreigners or locals) can unfortunately quote many sad memories.

For some reasons, it seems that the drivers are very stubborn and in the same time confident in their driving skills. However this is just an outward appearance. The roads in Bangladesh are so unpredictable that the drivers should normally be more cautious and keep the security distance.

Majority of drivers never listen when a passenger requests them to slow down. What are the drivers’ motives? Is it the feeling of being in control and always willing to be first that pushes them? Or is it the personal pleasure of driving speedily?

What’s the advantage in behaving this way? None. They just want to be few meters ahead of other cars. And at the end, they are involved in an accident. They risk the lives of everyone. It’s completely an irresponsible behaviour towards others.

We should overcome the culture of saying: “this solution is not going to work, nothing will change”. Well this can be true if we believe that nothing can change, then there is no hope for a brighter Bangladesh.

Let’s be initiator of change ourselves.

If you are a driver, treat the pedestrians on the road as you will treat yourself: respect them and give them a proper way to cross the road.

If you are pedestrian, try to understand the struggle of a driver, cross the road in a safe place.

Enjoy life, respect the driving rules!  Do to others what you would like them to do to you!

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