Radio Jockey course

Do you want to be a voice to the world… making a difference not only by your words but by your life?

Radio Jyoti offers a 4 months course of Radio Jockey and Program Production. By a small amount of only 3,000 BDT one can apply for the course. After 2 months successful theory class, we offer 2 months practical live program hosting in our studio and then additional 2 months with payment according to the performance.

So, to make your dream come true, just be a U-turn member and grab the chance.

Music Class

Radio Jyoti offers music class for the U-turn Club members. Our well-known professional music teacher will take the classes. Course duration is 2 months and fee is only 2000 BDT.

If you are interested please contact soon.

Leadership workshop

Is Everyone a Leader?

It seems that every one of us possess some area of strength that enables us to influence others in that area. Leadership is about serving others in the area of our natural abilities and passions. So, in this sense everyone is a leader.

Radio Jyoti offers one year ongoing Leadership Workshop for free, where one can have the chance to develop his/her inner strength, morality, character, integrity, self-confidence etc.

Join U-turn Club and get this wonderful opportunity once in a week.