True story: Scarred for Life

Frederic Allemandra lives ‍at Los Angeles in California. Only at the age of his eleven years, what had happened in his life was not less than a movie. His mother was killed in front of him by being stabbed 39 times by a robber. But he survived miraculously and though it seems impossible, he forgave that murderer. In his personal life, he is a proud father and has a happy family. He works with adolescents who are living in detained or rehabilitation centers. As a man of inspiration, he talks about his life experiences to them; helps to start a fresh new life. Also, he brings hope of light for people of different ages who are frustrated. He feels that God has a great plan for each and every human being. But he had to surpass a lot of adverse situations to come to his destiny. How were those situations? To know that, listen to the biography of Frederic.

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