Matin Miah had two times victory in local government election. To win in these elections, he did huge cheating tricks. But the rapacity of power does not leave him. Next election is very close and he rose up again. He needs be chairman at any cost. Suddenly, his endless love grows significantly for the public. He does not hesitate to embrace people; even he would never look to them. His only concern is the School Teacher who stood against him. This man is the thorn on his way and this thorn needs be removed very quickly. A bomb will be blast on the occasion of his Appreciation Ceremony, very clear plan. At the end, the bomb was blasted. Then was everything finished?
Dear listener, the story is full of mysteries, so listen to the whole. The real fact is that if you do harm to others, your own loss is more. Sometime, we misuse our authority. Therefore, wherever we are, we need to use our wisdom positively. It might be in family, society and even at the work place. Let’s move our country ahead with our power and with the intellect. Let’s make our surroundings beautiful, let’s fight against all the evils and unjust.

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