The blue dress of Moumita

A father heard the sad news of a girl named Moumita was found dead, one side of her face was crushed and she had a blue-dress. Instantly he recalled his only beloved daughter Mou. Though he has huge gap with her now these days but he loves her beyond everything else. Only three persons in his family but no connection among each other, last time he bought her a blue dress.
The truth is, nowadays we love to stay in our own. Day by day, the earth is getting smaller, but how much do we care about the people on this earth that we live with? If we look at it a little then we can realize that how indifferent we are about our dearly people, especially in our children’s case! We feel very unsteady if we don’t see our little children for moment, but when they grow up and expect to get close to us, we push them away. We try hard to meet their needs and run after money to keep them in comfort.
You may not care about your child who waits for you. Evan it can be more pleasant to them to touch your fingers that you love to use for spending time with laptop or, mobile. Actually you are precious to your family.

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