Dream or Danger?

You give us dream, you give us dream,

Lord you are dream maker,

You break that dream,

Becoming turbulent storm.

We dream, again we lose our dream, sometimes dream burns us, sometimes dream makes us fly with handful of rainbow, nonetheless burnt eyes dream, notwithstanding burnt mind fosters dream.Mind cannot stop finishdreaming. Therefore, time passes by, days go on, nights go on, dream decorates, dream decorates, and finally, one day the life becomes insolvent for the embellishment of the dream. Bell rings for recreation, the sound of the bell of recreation comes from far away, tells us,“Come back;beneath that banyan tree where river flows, let’s sit there.”Invigorate again together in the game of dream.

My dream is insatiable. It seems like dreaming is unquenchable in life. Dreamless life means death.Dreamless life means deliberatelyjoining to deathprocession; standing with bow heading death’s rehearsal.I want to go aheadgallantly, straightening my head like valiant soldier rather to embrace the death like cowards. My dream is – death will salute me and give me standing ovation.

I was talking about dream, talking about the dreamless life. Dream keeps us alive, dream keeps us active. But which dream? How is the color of that dream?

Having slept by closing our eyes, we dream a lot, but at the end of the night that dream becomes worthless to us. Sometimes the restlessness of mind reveals through the dream, which is for a slight moment. Born for short lived time, it can’t affect us.

Another dream, which we experience not in sleep butbeing awaken. We foster our dream day by day in the depth of our mind, that dream cannot be snatched by death; we enjoy the color of the dream. Let us talk about that dream, let us decorate that dream. Our predecessors who were country’s heroes, who dreamt that Bangla language will be the language of Bengali people, who dreamt that our country will be an independent country, who dreamt that this country will be free of autocracy and democracy will be released, who fostered this dream in the depth of their minds, who cherished that dream in the core of their hearts, let’s think about those who fostered this dream day after day.

Today, towhich dream are we being chased?To which dream are we engrossed?Today are we engrossed in sleeping dream or in the dreamofchange?Dream teaches us to make plan, dream teaches us to have patience, dream teaches us to be brave, and dream operates our knowledge and wisdom actively. Therefore, let our dream be the craftsman of human, the changing force of present time, the rising effort of hope. There is no bravery in being fascinatedin bad dreams in order to embrace evil.We should sow the seed of dream in order to foster dream for a beautiful future rather than running after fake dream that consists of mirage. If we want to see anything of this world, we have to see with open eyes, so we shouldn’tkeep our eyes closed. For the sake of the dream of arousing yourself, for the sake of the dream of arousing others, for the sake of the dream of changing the society, let’s decorate dream.


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