Why is so much moral degradation?

Early in the morning Son hurries out to go to college, and the Mother rushes back.

Son, where are you going?

Why Mom? Going to College.

When will you be back?

Right after my class is finished. Mom, what happened? why are you looking so scared?

No, nothing serious, be careful out there, be serious while crossing the roads, don’t get into trouble. Never take outside food ever.

Alright then, you don’t have to worry too much. See you Mom….

The Mother keeps looking the way son leaves. As far as she sees, doubts, uncertainties overwhelmed over her mind. Everyone says this is how the heart of mother works.

Just before father leaves out in the morning, Mother asked, ‘when will you be back?’. As usual father gets bored and said, never call me form the back in the morning on the way out, didn’t I tell you that?

Destructed Mom rolls up inside her every day like this,fear & anxiety increasing daily. After everyone goes out, she takes the youngest daughter to school, then she goes for shopping and return home. Finishing all the cooking and chores she moves out to school to pick her daughter again.

Only unsteady fears in the mind: what’s gonna happen, or not, who knows. If public mistakenly attack her as a child-lifter, starts beating and larruping her, what may happens then! How she can defend her from them,   let them know her child studies in this school, every day she needs to drop her at school and pick her up when the school is over. Impatience, anarchy, killing, assassinating, murdering, raping, abusing, corruption, addiction, money-laundering, celebration of human cannibals using religion is now everywhere. How much more! How much more can be endured!

Pressure of unsteadiness develops in mother’s mind, her heart cries in the silence. How is it possible, how can it be, why such a lac of human values? Why such a degradation of morality? Simple heart of a Mother does not mean anything, finds no comfort.

Is there truly no comfort, are we really not worried and anxious like the mother? Why is people so cruel, violent, inhuman today? Why the humanitarian conscience is having the woodlouse of degradation? Now this days, the tender hearted children and girl students are not safe even to school teachers, Madrasa teachers or religious preachers, priests, fathers. Patients are not safe in the doctors hand, the footpath is not safe for passerby, food adulteration, impurity in leaders and leadership. Where is the way to get rid of?

Suddenly the heart of the mother gets restless. So, is there no way to get out of it? Is there no hope for our lives? Is there no safe future for our children? Is there no way to be freed from such a humanitarian crisis? To the way of truth , way of freedom, way of everlasting life……

Fully loaded with above all questions in her mind, she keeps going forth looking down..

She was deeply thinking about the words of the mother of her daughter’s friend Gloria. Last week we had a wonderful time with her on school ground. She said, “Do you really know that we practice religion for fear of punishment”. Power of evil inside us pulls us toward astray. We do not want be religious in submissive heart, we do not want to serve God in love. Therefore the power of evil inside us drags us toward the humanitarian degradation. Everywhere, there is so much crisis. This is the time to bow before living God, need to cry out unto His feet, then He may set our country free.

Exactly next day, she was subjected to massacre losing her life by mistaken as child-lifter.All the protest she had cried out making the air heavy, but could not reach out to the human shaped evils. Her clear bright wounds of blood stains leave memories in the school premises. Everything is going fine like before, everything goes according to its own direction, but that child just lost a great humanitarian shelter named mother, in which scale of humanitarian norms will the child grow into? What humanitarian tree will grow from the bottom, very bottom of her heart?

Tell me conscience!

Who will answer to it………


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