Who will go to heaven?

Secluded mountain face in the dark alley, bumpy road, having stumbled repeatedly, very carefully calculating foot step in fear. The smell of the unrestricted green comes to the nose. Ghostly silence of meditation merged in around. Somewhere, continuous tireless fountain is falling down. Sometimes bird’s chirping as if disintegrated evergreen’s sleep. Sleeping in peace suddenly interrupted with the sigh of evergreen’s frustration. Earth quivers a little after. To forget the confusion of stormy wind leaving boyfriend abruptly flock of birds fly spreading wings; to get rid of the fear of a sudden.

The huge ocean waves break down at the lap of the mountains, water is only salty water. Group of kites wetting themselves in sea water to seek out for foods. Flying from faraway dive down into the water & take the foods, and go back in the middle of the companions, then waits again on the wings, just waiting. The roar of the sea and the sound of wind are ringing into the ears, feeling an extreme concussion inside of the heart.

The morning sun already rose up. The heat of the sun is rising, falling salty-sweat down from the body, no existence of the surroundings can be felt.

Now being waited a long, the tired and exhausted stranger sat on the mound of the rock keeping his head on his hand. Suddenly, feeling an existence of human life around him the blind asked,

Who is there, brother ?

Stranger: I’m an unknown traveler. What are you doing, sitting alone here?

Blind: Brother, I’m a blind man. Could you please tell me “In which way can I go to the palace of mirror?”

Now other person said, oh you will also go to the palace of mirror! Then come with me, I’m going there too.

Then both of them start walking on the bumpy track of the mountain and then had started gossiping about various topics. They had been walking, and walking, roaming and roaming, morning turns into noon, noon turns to after noon and then it rang the evening bell, but the path doesn’t end.

Suddenly, the blind man asked the other, hi bother, I am losing my strength, how far to go?

He replied, brother, I do not understand anything, just walking through the day; meanwhile the path isn’t finished yet, even the palace of mirror can’t find out. Oh brother, what a trouble are we in?

Blind: What are saying, Brother! Don’t you know the palace of mirror?

In response, he said, brother, honestly, I don’t know the palace of mirror too. I am also looking for. I have come here today after a long journey. Moreover, what is happening, if I knew the palace of mirror then would I roam around with you all through the day? I would go to sit there in advance.

Dear friends, now come to post mortem of this story.

We all want to go to heaven, but how many people would like to die? May be we don’t want to leave this beautiful world but the truth is that we will have to leave. One day, everyone passes away with this brutal truth, but the question that came to mind in deep corner, “Who will go to heaven?” It might be very simple question, but the ANSWER?

Is it really easy to say who will go to heaven? Very hard to say, only certain thing can be said that there is a special arrangement for us to be surprised after death. The thing is that on this earth what we thought about a person who will go to hell, God put him into heaven with a special favor for his deeds. Again, the idea of all the people that a person who will go to heaven but he is sitting in hell earlier from others. So, if this is the situation then of course we should not judge one another, good or bad; let us try to understand the love of the creator. He creates us with His love as if we worship Him, we can rely on Him, for anyone who believes in Him, and he will never perish but will have eternal life.

Come on! Let us look for that merciful eternal one. Seek out with the eyes of the heart; of course He will listen to us. Let none of us be distracted. Stop roaming around the ignorance, before the end of the day; let us reach to the truth, as if we can find out the entrance of the palace of mirror.

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