Why are you suffering?

At last, after a lot of sufferings, you have returned to the good days. Oh sufferer, don’tbe distressed anymore. Oh sufferer, shed no more tears from your eyes alone. Open your eyesnow; look! You are encompassed with a new light, a new whiteness. Don’t sob, rather lift your hands and speak aloud and sing the song of victory.

Nevertheless in a gloomy afternoon, when the bell is rung for the return of evening in the western horizon, the old musical instrument covered with dust in mind starts playing groaning music, anguish starts dancing, then only staring to the distant sky with unwinking eyes – as far as the eyes can see. And the game of day and night is playing on relentless. The lonely adorable bird dwelling in mind becomes impatient, sobs, wants salvation, mind needs vacation, mind wants to be lost in far away, lonely alone elsewhere.

Actually like this sufferer, we also bear massive affliction in the depth of our heart every day, and cry silently as well as lonely. But in fact, how much burden can a man bear? How much load can he carry? Everyone has a particular ability to carry the burden; if the burden is more than his ability then he will cast it in his own way, and his inability will be revealed.

When we go through different temptations in our life then we generally feel anxiety. We go deeper and deeper in the ocean of frustration. But our Creator, the most merciful, he knows that how much we are capable of bearing burden. He absolutely does not impose greater burden than on our ability.

Now let’s look at ourselves again. What do we do when temptations come to us? When we go through different adverse situations, from whom do we get the hope? In the time of our agony or suffering, do we go deeper in that, or try to figure out how to get rid of problems and ask for the grace of the Lord? I think that is the right way, the way leading us to merciful Allah, almighty Lord who opened the door of blessing for us. Lord does not shine the sun only for triumphant people but also for defeated people.

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