Why can’t we think positively?

No, I can’t, it’s impossible for me to do that. I could never do that. I don’t know how to do that. I feel scared. I am useless, nothing will happen to me, I have many problems.

We are not familiar with such words. It cannot be said at all and those who usually say these things we get them negative. So we avoid them usually calling them hesitant.

So it’s a very normal question, why can’t we think positively?

Thomas Alva Edison, the electric light discoverer in the world, we all know that story of him. He was expelled from his school due to imbeciles, but his mother made him persuade that he has so much intelligence and this school does not have the ability to teach him enough.

Later, we know what contribution Edison made for the welfare of the civilization and the human race!

The reason is being said, we are more or less familiar with this negative statement since childhood. In some way we had to listen, He will not be able to do it, he cannot, his head filled with dung, he cannot do anything in life. Since childhood, when someone had to go through such kind of negative speech, there will be problems in tackling any obstacle for him.

But we know; only positive thoughts can open the door of success for human. Evil memories of the past must be forgotten, every day’s efforts have given victory to people. To get to the peak of success “people say something behind” people have to come out of this idea. The inner strength must be sharpened. Always have faith in God. Because what we plan on our future, there is bigger and greater plan than our plan near to God. Eventually is to speak about the prophet David who was being a shepherd, graze cattle in the field but later the God made him great king. Let’s get rid of negative thought, let’s avoid negative words, make others compose beautiful. Need to take immediate step to get rid of the horrific negative thought. Keep in mind, “I can do” from this small thought we can start the new journey of victory and can open up doors of success.

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