Why do you live in the world of greed?


“Greed leads to sin and sin leads to death”- the phrase is universal truth. “The treasure of greedy is eaten by ants”- The phrase is not false. Thus, people become servant of sin in the caprice of greediness.

But how? Actually from the above mentioned perception, this question comes very naturally. How do we get involved in sinful works from greediness? When we fall into greediness and do something bad that is the wrong, we have to prevent the greed before it comes in our mind. We should come out of greed, and if we do not do that but involving ourselves in it, we will have to suffer in the long run of its negative impacts that can cause our death. Actually, what kind of death? Well, let’s go around to the Garden of Eden before answering this, where Great God created Adam and Eve and made their residence facilities, and in addition they were allowed to use everything but not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

But what happened next? They were defeated by the persuasion of evil and were sent out of the garden for disobeying the rule.

As a result of that, what happened? The human has to meet two awful agonies. These are, firstly, when they were in the Garden of Eden, they were being evolved with the presence of the Almighty Lord, and the relationship between Lord and them detached. Therefore, their holy life became dead. Secondly, having taken the unwanted granted punishment from the Almighty, humans returned to dust and had to struggle, fight and sweat for the survival with nature.

Today, we live the life that is the pulse inside in our body, and there is the death soul. Cremation in the mind, soul is being burnt like coals, struggling for the survival for life. Is this called life? Is this called to stay alive? Unethical, without personality, greed-avarice, fake arrogant, evolving life in the skeptical situation, Is it call life?

From the above mentioned situation, where is the salvation? When will we get the truth? Where will we get the path? The truth that will set us free, open our eyes, meet us with the eternal life, the relation of the life was sabotaged by the fake illusion instigated by devil, the relationship was destroyed because of only the illusion of greed.

That punishment we are suffering, our ancestors suffered, and the next generations are going to suffer, generations by generations.

O merciful God! Enlighten the way, open the way, Let the way to be ended by me today, show Your way.

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