Interview: Noise pollution is a threat for the public health

Noise pollution is harmful for health. Its harmful effects have been a wide-ranging problem for present Bangladesh. Dhaka city as well as other cities is now in the grip of noise pollution. Specially, as there is no specific traffic rule, the noise pollution has become acute in cities and towns. As a result people are suffering a lot. People are being sick in different ways. Even it has become the cause of dying to some people. It has become a big problem and we must overcome it. In this regard, the compiled law should be abiding by correcting and enlarging if needed. By reviewing of the law and punishment of the other noise-free countries of the world, our country needs to take necessary initiatives. And for that, relevant authorities and administration should take drastic action, at this point public awareness is also very important. Through the mass media, print media and other Medias, public can be aware – How noise pollution is as threat to the public health. Noise pollution is mostly damaging the hearing system, harming the cardiac patients and pregnant mothers. Some expert doctors from Shohid Suhrawardi Medical College and Hospital commented on this issue. Let us listen to some comments and suggestions.

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