Challenge of life

Life is a challenge. Need to live through it!

We face various obstacles in our lives. It has to be dealt as a competition and need to move forward.

Mouth Painter Ibrahim: Just after completing the Secondary School Certificate he was appointed as a line-man in a power distribution company to carry the burdens of the pour family. In an electric fire accident in December 2005, he burnt both of his hands during performing his duty. Doctor amputated both of his hands in emergency after taking him to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. In January 2006, Authority of The Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) Hospital at Savar rehabilitated him and trained him to be survived.

Artist Ibrahim became accustomed to paint with mouth: This accident and pain was taken as a challenge in his life. He took training on Mouth Painting from CRP vocational training centre. He skilled up himself day by day and was appreciated by everyone. The honorable Ex-Foreign Minister of the present Bangladesh Government collated some of his pictures and carried to China. CRP authority sold calendars and greetings cards of his paintings and opened a Fixed Bank Deposit Account in his name to deposit the fund. Though Ibrahim lost his two hands but now he is self-reliant, leading his family happily as well.   

Success of life never comes without facing the challenges. These achievements prove that, the development of creativity cannot be tied to anything, if we do not take it as a challenge and try to overcome. So, let us take any stumbling block of life as a challenge!

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