Voxpop: Responsibility to our rural area.

Most of the students intend to stay in Dhaka City after completion of their education. And then engaging in different kind of professions like; doctor, engineer, lawyer, government/NGO job and many more, they don’t want to leave the city. Even some are having same future plan at the end of their study. But every student should have some responsiblity to their rural community and birth place.  By applying all these achievements of the educational life, it is possible to be well-established and to serve to our own community too. Many of the public/private institutions, hospitals, projects in the remote areas of the country are about to be closed, though some are running but not becoming fruitful due to lake of skilled and qualified people. People are there being deprived of various facilities. So today, the students should have some plans for their own rural areas, which may contribute in the highest development of their own places. Keep in mind, it’s our social responsibility to do something for own rural place.

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