Drama: New life of Pauper Girl ‘Fuli’.

There are many people around us helpless; especially old disabled people, homeless street children and women are significant. They are deprived of many benefits. As a result, to survive they choose many kinds of way to earn. Sometime they sell flower, water, toys or, foods on the street, some of them beg for alms in the runny traffic. These are the people of our same society. Our small initiative can bring a significant change in their lives; especially the students’ community of our country can play a leading role in regard of this. We will listen a drama, where a girl named “Fuli” begs for alms in the street. One day some students come after her to help. They show her how to earn properly and all together help her financially. As a result Fuli gives up her begging habit, start earning proper-way and live life happily after.

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