There are different kinds of sound that influence people in different ways. Some sounds alert people, make the mind delighted and calm. Again, some sounds become intolerable for life, which torment mentally remaining unrevealed. It can be some ringtone of mobile phone or can be the very voice of the caller. Unexpected and indecent words are heard from that voice, which becomes a kind of oral sexual harassment. It is quite surprising that this harassment is committed not only by unknown, but sometimes by known and senior person. Then it becomes hard to share with someone, what exactly happened to Reshmi. He ‍startled when there was a call from someone adult. Reshmi becomes tired, sick listening these irrelevant dirty words and now at hospital. But she must reveal this truth to the stiff society. How will she do that? Who would be that unexpected filthy-minded man? We will listen to that story. We will know who that masked man is.

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