Why being blind when we doubt?

Submerged alone in the darkness absently we pass days and nights with intolerable agony. Nevertheless, doubt remains inside in the mind, so cannot soften theclash; in profit and loss, there is massive dissension, conscience is locked.

Nonetheless doubt! Oh doubt! Human beings are in doubt, worship only in doubt; the heart which was beautiful has now become blind.

Nonetheless doubt! Oh doubt! Doubt is persistent, everything is in bad.

Doubt!Nonetheless doubt! Hesitation remains in mind all day and night.

Doubt is a tiny word but in personal, familial or social life, there is no measurement of the effect of doubt.

Minds of people, family even society are breaking up. Once doubt takes place in the heart, we can’t figure out who is intimate and who is not. But why is this doubt? Why the agony of suspect is fostered in our heart? Why doubt is so persistent? Why doubt, the lethal disease is destroying our beautiful lives?

We may know the famous story: one young lady was sitting at the bank of the river and felt shy to cross it lest her clothes soaked up to knee.Having seen this situation,elder sire took her into his arms and crossed the river, but assistant sire, thought that elder sire seems to have lust for young women. At the end of the day, they sat down to eat together and the elder sire looked at the face of younger sire and asked him: ”What happened younger sire? You remain silent all the day, you seem like you are going through anxiety, are you feeling sick?” Younger sire replied: “Sire, you took the lady into your arms and crossed the river, haven’t you done a sinful work?” Now elder sire said affectionately to younger sire: “If I have done a little sin to help people and you keep that sinful thought in your mind throughout the day, is it the right way of work? If you asked me this question during that time not by keeping the doubt in your mind, then this anxiety would not chase you. Doubt that makes people blind.”

Actually, in this way, we keep doubt in our mind day by day. That anxiety torments us unbearably. And in this way, we become a curse for the human being. Allah created human as the best creation so that we can rule over the earth, but due to the suspicions of our mind, we live the life of a servant of evil.

But why does it occur?

Only because of the suffering from insecurity? Only because of the reflection of idle thoughts? Intolerable attitude? Lack of compromise? Arrogance? Pride? To show yourself elated? Lack of politeness? Backboneless? Fraudulency? Or fake acting?

In fact, is life like that we unconsciously wear different masks which we change from one to another, from one fake to another fake, from one persuasion to another, from one greed to another, from…..????

First ancestor father, Hazrat Adam (AS 🙂 was instigated by evil for sowing the suspicion seed in his mind. For that reason having disobeyed the rules of Allah, he fell into sin, consequently for this punishment he was driven out from the Garden of Eden. And we, the human beings are suffering from the sin for the doubt.

How can we be released from this doubt? Where will we get salvation? On which door should we knock so that the door will be opened, that door which leads to the way of eternity?

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