I am the hermaphrodite.

A person is thinking at all times whether they are a man or a woman? Every day, the person faces a ruthless truth. The people around the person became violent; even they became very curious about their existence. Every day, a sharp wound makes them bloody. A question blows in their mind; who am I? Who am I?
Dear Listener, please think; your mental entity is different than your body. In this respect when your family and the other people of the society will start teasing you, insulting you and in this crisis time no one will be with you, what would you do? These groups of intersexual people are same like us, feel happiness and pain. They also created by God. In fact, we throw them into a horrible dark life. So, please come and let us see them just as natural human being. Rather than teasing and insulting, let us start giving help, so that they can find peace and hope. Why not to remember the old word again “Whoever loves life, serves God”.

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