Ask your big question

If you could ask God one question, what could it be?

All of us, at all ages, have had big Questions in our minds. Questions that we never dare to ask to anyone, taboo questions or questions that are so complex that we think no one can answer… I guess if you don’t lie to yourself, you know that you have many.

If you are in this case, this section is for you. Radio Jyoti designed it so that you will begin receiving light on your Questions. Of course, we don’t pretend having answers on all things this planet can contains. We will answer from our personal life experiences. In every aspect, we will do it so that our Creator God will be honored.

One last thing:

We will be honest with you. We will not fake answers if we don’t know. We are willing to research, to involve our expert friends if needed. We are willing to go this far for you.

So here is your chance: TO ASK YOUR BIG QUESTION, simply click on  bullet_question

In the new tab, fill up the form in English or Bangla or Ban-glish and send it to us.


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