How can I change my life?

The sun is about to set. College is going to be closed, but everyone waits for this class through the whole week. Just six month the new Bengali Professor has been joined at Bakulpur College.  He is the organizer of this wonderful class. It was declared as open class for all, any question can be discussed here.

Today in the same class, suddenly it has been observed a pin drop silence in the classroom. Everyone in the classroom has started looking at each other after Kanok’s question. Professor Arun Kanti seems abstracted and looking out through the window, everyone is excited and waiting to listen from him.

He has started to speak. Actually life is like same as we think of, as we grow up. What do you think Kanok?

Kanok answered by scratching his untidy hair and fixing his shirt button, “that’s ok sir, we are accustomed to our lives that way, but if we want to change it, then what can we do, sir?”.

Professor Arun Kanti became very serious and said, “Kanok, I think we need to go deeper in your question. In which areas of our lives need to be transformed? What kind if steps need to take to bring those changes? And what kind of practice that can help us to expose those changes in our lives as well.

Kanok: Yes Sir, you are right.

Arun Kanti: Then come and let us dig which things actually lead our lives toward danger slowly slowly. Can you say?

Now everyone got back their breath again, everyone started speaking. Sir, I think “Lie” lead our lives to danger.

Sir, I think greed.

I think pride. One by one began to say; anger, drug, pornography, criticism, immorality, disobedience, hypocrisy, temptation, sex, even some of them talked about sin.

At this moment Professor raise his hands to stop everyone and then he began to speak again, “Boys and girls, you’re absolutely right about. I’m happy that all of you understand the matters which are dangerous for our lives”.

Now tell me, do you really want to change your lives? Everyone rose up their hands and answered, “Yes Sir, we want to change our lives”.

Arun Kanti: Then let us see, how we can bring a change in our lives, and at first we need to know about our situation and need to take some necessary steps like;

Purpose of our lives: If the purpose of our lives to achieve anything based on evil desire or, we fix our target on it then we must change it.

Dependence: If want to change our lives we must depend on our God. We need to feel His presence in our hearts with adoration.

Facing the mirror of truth: Daily, at least once we need to face the truth of the mirror of our mind, need to ask ourselves, our position, our goal, destiny etc.

Desire: We need to keep alive our good desires in our mind, need to rise up with the beauty of nature.

Faith: We have to have strong faith that only His grace can give us victory.

Repentance: We need to be repentant for our evil works, need to be contrite for living with those.

Starting up: We just love to plan, but keep in mind; we need to take necessary steps with the plan too, need to be in action.

Temptation: Temptation is real in our lives but we need to avoid it, we must not bow before temptation in any circumstance.

Honesty:  We need to be honest and have to practice it daily to grow on with it.

 Patience: As the mankind is the best in creation, we need to uphold our patience. Avoiding all evils we need to be beautiful, need to develop a helping mind, and if we can pursuit it every day, then we must have the change in our lives.

Everyone was being fascinated; everyone has been staring at the teacher. As soon as he finished his speech, everyone has begun to clap. The applause blends with the last school bell and spread into air. The professor of the Bakulpur College, who had been crossed his age 50 long before, that Arun Kanti whose eye sight is blurry with heavy glasses frame, who is very optimistic in his hard poverty, he had begun to sing as usually “We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome today”.



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