How can we quit our bad habits?

Dear friends, all of us have some faults and also good virtues, God has given us the conscience to judge those faults and virtues. Everyone loves good things and great virtues; nobody likes bad attitudes or, bad habits. Because of these bad habits, we face lot of embracement in our lives, and that is regretful. As a result, now and then we face this question, “why can’t we quit these bad habits?”. Finally, we need to comply with an ancient proverb, ‘people are the servant of habits”.

So is it really the people are servant of habit, or habit is the slave of people? There might be many contradictories, but nothing is better than to practice good things in our daily life.

Exactly Dear Friends, if we are interested to quit our bad habits, only then we can quit from it. But instead of doing that we try to look for others fault. Try to prove once wrong.

It is not that our gain is anything but that rather than look at the fault of others, we are being acquainted with that mistake, and in the same way, we receive and practice other’s bad habit in our everyday life, develop a horrible bad habit factory inside us unwittingly.

Then we realize that the main problem is within our own. And the truth is that to hide our own faults, we raise fingers toward others. As a human, this is embarrassing situation, very humiliating.

This is why, if we have problem like this, we have to mend ourselves first and then each one of us should identify our bad habits. Remember, our bad habits develop due to stress and apathy.

And every bad habit lags us from our main goal; all these things obstruct us completely. It effects our mental and physical development, destroys our precious time and steadiness.

Because of that, we need to identify our bad habits first and the comparison with the beauty. When, in what circumstances, how many times these practices are being manifested in my behavior. What are the bad habits am I carrying with?

Secondly, we have to remember that we never born with any negative or, positive idea. It can be said that some of the features of our environment and the way we grow up in our neighborhoods are revealed in our behavior.

Thirdly, we have to believe that we can give them up by daily practice. We need to initiate the opposite action against the bad habits like; avoiding bad words, depressive words, issues of various rues. If we want to get good results, then we have to take the challenge to make a U-turn from these things.

Fourthly, we have to avoid that bad company to stay with good, need to maintain good relationship with family and others, and then it is possible to be inspired by watching others’ good.

And the fifth thing is to make a grateful heart, need to give thanks to the Lord God almighty. Have to have confidence that I CAN! Believe in that something new is going to happen in your life today. Always stay better and to know more please log on

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