Truth will set you free!

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As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

If we had properly practiced this eternal true and beautiful sentence in our society, what would we see?

Well, what are we observing? What are we suppose to see? What did we think? What have we got? Lot of questions, perhaps the answers are easier. Well, let’s not talk about many things, let’s approach the subject in a different way.

Bolai, the insane, was sheer and known to all for his insanity.  Union election is coming. For mocking, people in the area said, “Bolai, you have good fame, as a human you are not bad, you always help everybody. Do one thing, participate in the union election this year -we will vote and elect you. Then no one will tell you insane. Everyone will respect you with salutation; everyone will leave his or her chair honouring you as member. “

Now all preparations are finished. Election has come; the vote is being tallied at the end of voting. A good news came from different centres. At the end of counting, he won by getting 1200 votes.

So what we can deduce from the statement? Bolai, the insane, was given 1200 votes by people; so, were 1200 people insane? The question is very easy, perhaps the answer is easier. Sadhu Baul said in the tune of his music, “I see the market of blinds.”

In fact, weal have eyes to see, ears to hear, conscience to …………….??

Now, let’s ask the question ourselves: how am I showing myself? The person that I am from the inside, am I the same person from the outside? Or I am presenting myself differently?

People who bear characteristics from inwards disclose the same from mouth. What have we cherished inside? What if we come close to the truth, will it be too much for demerits? Actually we are to take lots of preparation to tell lie. In the market of blind, we are to enact as blind acting. But the earth is for truth and beauty. Having made the other person mad, we act crazy subconsciously, Imagine ourselves blind in the market of the blinds, but the truth is truth- no matter how hard it is, let us speak the truth and have the courage to accept it. If we want to see a beautiful society and country, we must begin to practice the truth from ourselves, from our family and society.


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