Why do you face conflict?

A girl asked her teacher: “Madam, sometimes I face conflict to know what I should do and what I should not do. Sometimes my mind wants to do bad things and sometimes to do the good things. Why do I face this sort of problem?” To make her understand, teacher told: “Imagine that you have two dogs, one is good, and another is bad. Two dogs always quarrel each other. One fights for good reason and another fights for bad reason. Now, tell me, what do you think which one is the stronger of the two?”Extensively she thought and told: “That dog I will feed more.”

This is actually the truth. Which strength are wedeveloping inside us? It’s a big question that all of us should ask. Because what we take inwards that propels us.  Just think, in your personal own world, have you made any wall of conflict that gradually pushes you into the darkness of frustration every day?

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