Comments: What does the famous singer Fakir Alamgir say about The Honor of the Mother Tongue?

Bengali is our mother tongue. 21st February is our mother language day. The ultimate movement for the establishment of Bengali language had been occurred on this day in 1952. The procession of the students denying act 144, the barbaric attack of the Pakistan Government and finally the historical event in a great sacrifice of blood and life of Bengali people, as a result of which we acquired our mother tongue. Later this language movement worked as an inspiration in protecting freedom and liberation war in 1971. But we have much responsibility to protect the honor of the mother tongue. It is not adequate just to observe different program and pay tribute to the language martyrs. We have to emphasize our mother tongue in different aspect of daily life. We have to use it properly and accurately. Thus we can show the real honor to it. We will listen to the renowned singer Fakir Alamgir about it from the Book Fair Of 21st (Ekushey Book Fair) organized by Bangla Acadmy.

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