Drama: Fruits of leading with unity.

Unity is the key to success. Many activities have been succeeded through unity. In our Bangladesh, there are such successions also; which were woven with the leading of unity. Those glourious success are still the witnesses of the world history. But recently, that unity is not seen among us. Lack of mutual harmony and pratriotism is contaminating us, which is a big problem for the nation and the country. In this case, we have to change our mentality. We should work with unity for the welfare of people and country. Works which are impossible for a single person can be done in unity. Again, who is leading this work should lead with moral ideal of unity. For instance, Modern Singapore has developed economically by leading with unity of the Government and their mutual activities. Again, In South Africa – peace has been established among people vanishing racism by the leading of Nelson Mandela. So we need to build a mentality of unity. We will listen to a drama on account of it, where a group of laborers are working in unity under the leadership of a man. A foreign lady appreciates their work and comments that it is possible only by leading with unity.

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