Interview: Do not let your life to be extinguished.

Smoking is injurious to life. Yet people are smoking and being hampered. Especially, keeping state with other smoking countries the number of smokers in our country is increasing daily. Because, though we have smoking control act but it is not applied properly. As a result, it has become a serious problem for Bangladesh; which should be controlled immediately. In this case, law should be strictly applied on both the smoker and the producer, law violator should be punished severely and fine should be increased, vat on this should be increased. These steps can be taken by government and relevant authority. But this is not enough. Everyone should realize individually that smoking extinguishes life. Specially, we want to say to our young people do not let your life to be extinguished. Then, we will get a smoke free healthy Bangladesh in future. We will listen to Dr. Arup Ratan’s opinion in light of it. We will listen to his valuable words about the harmful effect of smoking and remedies of it.

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