Interview: What a driver say about how can accident be reduced.

Road accident is a regular issue in our country. Everyday we get news of 10 accidents in average from different media. This regularity is not a day-today matter, it has been happening for years. But the causes of road accidents are more various than before. If we are unable to control this correctly, road accident will be an epidemic in our country. In fact, there is no alternate of traffic rules to avoid road accidents. Everyone should abide by the rules. In this case, drivers and people should have been informed about traffic rules through media, newspaper, poster or face to face communication and the punishment should be confirmed for those who break the rules. Administration has a great responsibility in this regard. Specially, with valid passport, time limit and originality, the drivers should be provided proper knowledge about traffic rules and bound to follow those. We will listen to an interview of Haroshit Bakchi who is a driver by profession. We will listen to his opinion about the causes and remedies of road accident.

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