Need Just Awareness

Dhaka, the capital city! There is a huge difference between present and twenty years ago of Dhaka. Specially the environment of Dhaka has changed and now it’s a mega city. Multi-storied buildings, wide streets and roads, beautiful parks, lakes – all these are now parts of this big city. And Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) is working to make it more beautiful. As a citizen of this city, we also have some duties and responsibilities. Our purpose should be one – how to keep this city neat and clean.

There are some rules to keep the city tidy. One of them is not to occupy the foot-path for personal business. Foot-path is supposed to use by pedestrians so that no accident occurs. But shops, hawkers, workshops have still occupied many foot-paths of the city. Others are filled with waste and dirt. Sometimes the authority takes steps, removes the occupiers, but no better result.

On different streets sand, bricks or other building materials are piled up. It creates problems for vehicles and pedestrians. Though the city corporation has allotted particular dustbins, people throw their house-hold wastes here and there. As a result, environment pollution occurs. It pollutes our own day-today lives. We do not follow the rules. We have to change our attitude. For that we just need awareness. A clean environment can change our lifestyle; can establish an accident free city. We all should understand this. We should take active steps. “Clean your environment”.

I know a foreign lady, who uses to keep all the packets of food in her bag so that she can throw those to a dustbin rather than throwing here and there. We can do the same to keep our city clean and tidy. The students can play an important role on this. They can raise awareness to their own locality, encourage the people. When people will see a student taking a poly bag and throwing it in a dustbin, they will be encouraged. They will be aware to keep the city tidy.

Most of the time, we blame the authority. But the authority is not only responsible or able to establish a clean city. As its citizen we also have responsibilities. We must take the steps. We just need awareness.

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