Super Hero

The girl named Kotha once came to know that the person whom she loved, he had actually cheated her. Because of intolerable pain, she jumped from a multi-storey apartment; on the other hand the person was immersed himself in a new dream.
Dear listener, what do you think? You must have listened the same stories many times! In fact, we know many who make multiple relationships at the same time and break it up on interest. There is no remorse for the loss or damage to others. They consider themselves as a superhero.
But God expects us to be faithful in any relationship, to be dependent on one another. And those who are involved in this kind of multiple relationships cannot make others happy as they are not happy in their real life. A doubt drives them out – maybe they think, “The companions they have got, also feel like them”.
So, we must not see only the appearance, but also the inner world. And to be a superhero we must learn and have to do good to others.

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