Story: Secret of the career of world famous Henry Ford

Skill is an important thing for career, especially for those who are going to start their career after completing studies. Most of them don’t get job due to lack of skills. Sometimes they get a job but due to lack of skills, they are not promoted and fail to reach the goal. In fact, this is a serious problem in the competitive job market of Bangladesh. Twenty years ago, there were a lot of job opportunities in comparison to educated people. But at present, as the percentage of literacy has grown, there is scarcity of job. So, it is important to make yourself skilled. Many people developed themselves by their skills in this world, and left the creations or results of their skills, which helped their next generation to go forward. Famous American industrialist “Henry Ford” is one of them. He is well known to the whole world as a manufacturer of world famous cars. We will listen to his biography and the secrets of his development.

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