Drama: Punishment for selling poisonous mangoes

Food adulteration is a major problem in our country. Almost all the foods are adulterated now. Especially people are afraid to buy fruits. In order to make the fruits ripe and look fresh, people mix chemical substances with them. People get ill and even die because of it. Besides these chemicals cause cancer in human body. Still some people adulterate food to get more profit and create problem to a happy healthy life. They do not realize that even their own family members can be victims of those adulterated foods. We will listen to a drama on account of it. In the drama, a whole-seller deliver formalin-mixed mango to different shops. One day, one of his family members buys fruits from one of those shops. And his daughter gets ill. They take her to hospital and manage to recover her illness. The man understands his mistake. A feeling of awareness crosses his mind. He promises not to do this immoral business.



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