Is it real confidence inside you?

In 19th century, Emmanuel Ninger got caught as a counterfeit of dollar. When the police investigated his attic, they found an art studio. Later, it is found that he had been making 20 and 50 dollar’s note for fourteen years. He was caught by police in 1896. The sad thing is that Mr. Ninger had several other legitimate paintings in his attic, which were later sold for as much $2500 a piece. What’s more, it took about the same time to paint a legitimate portrait as it took to make fake twenty-dollar notes. He never saw the strength he had in himself.

Do we ever found our inner strength? Do we know how much power we possess?

Often we use our inner strength for bad things. If we use them for good things the world would be a better place.

Let’s question ourselves, what strength do we have in our heart, isthat really great? really good? really beautiful??????

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