Is violence solution for peace?

Violence starts in the heart of man before it develops into practical actions in the society.  We all know the kind of disasters it can produce in others’ life and in our life: deaths, shame, family crisis, ….. However we continue to say that we want peace. Do you see any problem here?

All over the world, man search for peace: peace in the societies and peace of mind. Those are 2 different kinds but they are closely related. If the entire population of the world had peace of mind then true peace would be seen in the societies. Don’t you think?

Can we not control our actions and let the anger or envy go?  Why do we entertain such bad thoughts and feelings in our life? We may have to think about the root of the problem if we really want peace.

My guess is that the core problem of violence is man himself. Prophets have identified this to be linked with the sinful nature of man.

So could we approach life differently and get the expected change in return?

It may be possible if we adopt a new way of living with new priorities. Just consider this: in everything, do to others what you would have them to do to you.

If you are still skeptical that we can attain peace without violence, just start taking practical steps of loving your neighbor and adopt a new way of living. Pursue peace.

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