Relation or Illusion

bn2 য়তয়থ্র

The farther you will go my friend

The closer I will be your companion

In cloud, storm, rain –

Or if darkness comes

Remember, I am with you

As far as you go my friend.

Actually, relationships do notfavor sides, there is no reckoning. Relationships are in such a way that there is no measurement of depth and shallowness, which does nothave the beginning and the end; there is no border or limitation.

Let us draw the picture of a story. Draw a story of reliance. True, but different. “The Titanic,” before thisgreat ship sank, a rich woman had been handed a lifeboat.Suddenly, she began to keep on shouting so that she was allowed to go to her room because she left something. People did not want to let her go, but for thepleading, she was given three minutes. If she would not come by three minutes, someone would be lifted on the boat instead of her. Having got down from the boat, she ran into her room. She surpassed many expensive golden sculptures and furniture’s, and reached to her table. Despising cash dollars and expensive jewelry kept on the table, she opened a drawer and took out three oranges. The woman realized that three oranges could save her life on the boat rather than taking expensive jewelry or cash dollars.

Interesting thing is – what was worthless an hour before to her has now become essential. And an hour ago which was valuable to her, now it became worthless.

In fact, time and situation tells us which is valuable; supply and demand tells us what is the most important.

Let us come to the main point, with whom we are waking without any tension- is he/she reliable? Or is it just illusion? Or an unequal equation?Or just complication? Or unawake soul?

Well, how about the relationship between the creator and us? The Creator who cannot be visualized but we can feel His presence through the purification of soul and find mercy, love, dependency, truth and beauty.

I promise, there are lots of setbacks to go to that way but remember, you have someone lighting the torch with you.

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