What do we need to build a good mentality?

An excellent question came up at the end of the open discussion in the last U-Turn 2 Light Event, “What do we need to build a good mentality?”. The question has been told as “excellent”, because if the question was done in a different way like, “Why should we practice good mentality?” then the answer would have been very easy.

Today we are in such a time when we all speak beautifully, but not accept the beauty at all. We ask for forgiveness to our God, but we cannot forgive or believe others.

Find others’ mistakes but do not change myself. Day by day, we all together pushing the society into darkness, busy with the cultivation of evil, and the ultimate result is very horrific. What are we leaving for the next generation? Which society are we making for them?

To change this society, to change this environment then we must change ourselves. Need to take necessary steps. To make the change, we need to correct ourselves, and with some personal care we can easily improve our bad mentality. As:

Self-care and tidiness: The flow of emotional and physical growth should be maintained daily.  It is important to protect our body, mind and soul from the evil desires. It is also necessary to exercise some time for the peace of mind and self-correction.

Be thankful and responsible for others:  We need to practice every day to help others, carrying their burdens, spending time with them by loving, need to encourage them for doing better work. Must prepare our hearts daily to be thankful to God, to relatives, to parents, teachers and to the elders.

Rejoice and do something new with joy: Learning and knowing something new, walking somewhere and with someone new, sharing new ideas with close friends are also great. We need to be involved with something that we gladly do, feel good to do, get interest to do and have passion to do.

Be content with a little & writing diary:  Live simple, high ambition may tempt you, hurt you and can make you arrogant. We have to move ahead with the limitations of the will and our personality should be generous without interrupting others. Beside these, we can read good book, watch good movies or, listen good music and then we can note all our good perceptions, dreams and life change events in a diary.

And if we could practice these continuously, we must have some change and the good mentality will be developed.

So, just telling you all; where we are now at this moment is not the big issue, but where to go and how far to go is the issue. Need to sharpen ourselves daily, need to grow up elegantly and should have some achievement as well.

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