When and why people give up their humanity?

How much possession can be said to be happy, How much lose can be said to be unhappy, Plus and minus invite emptiness in getting and losing, whether life is end …….

Nevertheless our achievement in the midst, our sacrifice in the midst, exposition of humanity in the midst, Downfall of humanity in the midst, love in the midst, estrangement in the midst, the chest room in the midst, the loneliness at the bottom of the heart, silence sigh of loneliness, this is life…..

Then why do men abandon humanity in the midst? The question is easy; but the answer! Do we know at all? Nuclear bomb exploded in japan in the Second World War, that monstrousness we couldn’t forget. Is it just the suppression of the opponent or the suppression of domination? Humanity cried shyly in the face behind that day. Humanity celebrated victory too on that day. This is the diverse scene of universal humanity. Somebody losing all and wailing with lamentation of impecuniosity. Someone roar the victory like giants. “Identity of humanity in the greed of domination”. Not getting only 1500 taka as a bribe from a pregnant mother and pushing her neck out of the Government Maternity Hospital, that pregnant mother gave birth a child in rubble beside a veranda along the corridor of the hospital. This is “conscience, the trial of sacrificing humanity”.

Now if we take a look at these two issues; everyday, slowly why and how are we deserting our humanity”, actually our hearts are deceivers. As a result, heart constantly is being stored in greed, lust, arrogance, lying, desire, power, insolence, temptation etc. And because of all these evils, we are forsaking our humanity, compromising with sin, indulging in sin. Even though as the best of creations, we are choosing deception; and are deprived of the mercy from our God Almighty.

Whenever we turn away from His presence, we lose our humanity. He never expects it. The only way to stay close to him is to obey his words or messages. Only then our humanity will be awakened and never be immersed. When we will love our God hundred percent, when we will obey him and when we can love our surrounding people on our own, only then humanity will be revealed.

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