Where are you going?

People are running, back and forth, muddy path filled with flying dust. Exceeding the extent of villages and green forest, people are running and running exceeding the rivers and lakes, mechanized city, life, noise and jam. Doubts are making shells that suppress belief, Every day dream is destroyed because of love of blue venom of the assailant.

Nevertheless, life must go on, people are running for exotic attraction. There is no returning of home, knowing of destination, just go running, infinity thirsty in the roots.

And how much path remains? How far? Know nothing, where have we come from? Where will we return to? Questions are easy, but answers?

Sunil brother told that Nader Ali, the boatman of grandfather’s house, took him to show the lakes of “Teen Prohor”. Notwithstanding, 33 years have passed away, and he has not seen the lake of “Teen Prohor”. Thus, the time goes, and we are running and running.

Almighty Allah once asked Satan: “Where have you come from?” In response to the Allah, Satan said: “travelling back and forth through the world.”

Friends, now ask the question yourselves: where are we going?

Where did we come from? Where will we go? The Creator who has created me, what is His plan for me- Do I know it?

Where are you going, where?


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