Who Does Inspire You ?

Now you have reached to your dreamed throne overcoming unlimited bindings, suffering and all ups and downs. Life; ask yourself, how much could you give to the world from what you have got, what you have earned, what you have saved to remain on the throne?

The question seems easy, but do you really know the answer?

In order to catch the last train of “Achinpur Station”,as a weary old man walks to the old banyan tree near the river and sits underneath, all these thoughts reveal their colorful wings in his mind. The sun set few moments ago; the sky is yet covered with blushing tint of parting. The birds also returned to their nests.

Nowadays the feeling is often like this, the body becomes tired quickly, maddened wind in mind. Unbridled thoughts randomize everything. Then nothing feels better, no rush for anything, only to stare to the blurry pages of torn manuscript of past. The bold black letters look very unfamiliar there.Names of companions, well-wishers, helpers, and someone waiting at the top of the stairs stretching her hands, where uncountable sleepless nights, unspoken words in the bottom of heart, fragments of inabilities of past were written there.

War continues in deep of the heart. Bloodshed continues. It can’t be seen; only memory can recall it. Only memory recalls the boyhood, adolescence, restless afternoon, returning home alone in lonely evening, exhausted mind after walking alone all day long, silent sacrifice of desires in the bottom of the heart, dizzy darkness. Only moving forward by crossing bottomless cavity by leaving behind love-affection, unbelief. Every drop of salty sweat is a witness; every dusty road, left footprints silent witness. Sigh of desperation! Couldn’t tell you the last word yet,“how are you my dearest beloved?”

Today is also the same moving; moving toward the eternal future. The remembrance is, nobody waited on the returning path; nobody said, “How are you my child?”

The whistle of train is being blown far away; it will reach to the platform soon. Some people will get down, some will ride on. I need to return back also. Some people give something between this round, some people return becoming paupers. The station bell is ringing loudly; I hear the sound of school bell in my heart; the old school teacher, stretching his affectionate hand on my hand, told me “Move forward in the way of truth, truth will set you free, truth will guide you to victory.”

The teacher passed away. The shattered school has become big now, with big buildings. Children from far away come to the school with big dreams in their hearts; big expectations to go a long way. I am the head master of this school now. Long time has passed in between. Life has filled me with everything, gave me hope to live. I have to teach them till the last day of my life, “Live in truth, stay with truth”.

The light of the train is seen from far. I have to get up and return back to home.

We also move every day, reach to the highest success. But do we think, who gave us the key to reach to the throne of success? Who sowed the seed in us like that old school master? Someone who showed us the way to step up with great affection? Who is that man? Can you remember? The question seems easy but the answer?

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