Drama: Promise to avoid polythene

The use of polythene is one of the major causes of environment pollution. Its use has been reduced in many countries of the world. Though, there is a prohibition on it in our country, the use of polythene is continuing. People and environment are being disturbed. Different chemical is used in producing bags of plastic or polythene, which can create cancer to human body directly. Though people know about it, they have been using it for long. According to scientific experiment, it needs minimum 100 years to decompose polythene completely. As a result, environment is being polluted. On the other hand, the bags of jute, fabric or paper decompose within a short period of time and do not pollute environment. So we have to abstain the use of polythene and aware others about it. We will listen to a drama on account of it, where all the members of a family promise to avoid polythene.

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