Interview: Vocational skill to success career

Vocational skill is an important issue. At present, it is necessary to have skill and experience after completing studies. That need could be filled up by vocational skill. But presently the students are deprived of vocational skill due to endavouring competitive result and straining dependable educational system on text books. As a result they become depressed entering job life. Most of them fail to be self-dependant. Eventhough there is much demand of manpower in abroad, we are unable to meet that demand due to lack of vocational skill. It is a burning question in our country, which should be solved immediately. For this, we should change our mentality first. Vocational skill is not negligible or dishonorable. It is valuable same as general education and a good way to develop someone capable or skilled. So it is necessary to obtain vocational skill in professional life. We will listen to valuable opinion of Bidhan Chandra Sarker; who has achieved a good position through vocational skill and is now working at Bangla Vision TV channel as a senior video editor in program division. We will listen about his experience.

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