A Thorn in the Heart: Pride

Pride is a thorn. A thorn in the heart of every human. There is superior pride; when you think so much of yourself, and think that you are better than everyone else, this type of pride causes people to be bitter and boastful. On the other hand there is inferior pride; when you think very little of yourself, you think that you aren’t worth much at all, this type of pride causes people to be insecure and always talking down about themselves. I say that pride is a thorn because just like a thorn hurts you when you touch it, pride hurts you the same way.

When people experience superior pride they usually have an insecurity that they haven’t dealt with in their life. They take out their insecurity on other people by being judgemental and putting other people down. This type of pride makes people become very angry and bitter and people with this type of pride are very hard people to be around. A good way to rid yourself of pride is to become humble, by thinking of other people more than you think of yourself. By seeking out ways to be generous and to be kind to other people. Humility involves listening to other people’s advice and talking correction well.

The results of inferior pride are a little different. When people have inferior pride they are very insecure and instead of taking it out on other people as with superior pride, they take it all out on themselves. They put themselves down and have the mindset that they can do nothing right and all their ideas are wrong. This type of pride can make people very sad and can even cause depression from them thinking so little of themselves. People with this type of pride are very negative and are also very hard to be around. People like this have taken humility too far, past the point of being humble.

Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself, it means thinking of yourself less. It’s not a matter of what you think of yourself, it’s a matter of how much you think of yourself. Superior pride is thinking too much of yourself, and inferior pride is thinking too little of yourself. In both situations, people are focusing too much on themselves. They need to find humility and think of other more than themselves. They need to take the tweezers and pull out the thorn.

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