In what you want to be rich?

Haripad das, hereditary father was the last landlord, Haripratap Das. To the end their influence-prestige what was at the end it came down to take the position without land. Running out the estate and through the extreme poverty the bony wife of the landlord became pregnant. Their first child came home, supposed to be around the joy of playing music, festivities to be throughout the area, but nothing happened, finding a mid wife seven out of the village with pitch the final power of Haripratap anyhow finished the liability. In his sorrow days took off the title ‘Pratap” from his son’s name and set up Haripad with a lot of sulks. At the old age the joy of being a father that he couldn’t understand anything, wearing saffron began to wander in the forest & wandering around he never came back eventually.

Haripad Das grew up in extreme poverty. Study didn’t advance, all the day with a monochord; wander back followed the Baul-fakir. Getting torment sick mother died one day. From that moment he came down at the path after cremation.  Just moving ceaseless since then, goes on and goes on as if it has no end. Singing voice is very affectionate. So wherever Haripad goes in the streets, there’s a request comes “sing a song Harida (Brother Hari)”.

Haripad starts to sing a song with a louder voice; wealth-property nothing will last, have to leave all illusions when the call will come……

Distressing of poverty Haripad is going to lose everything, and now losing his surname “Pad”  which was given by his father with sulk, no one call him Haripad anymore. Harida is being called by everyone and he feels better to hear of it. Nowadays he has been around a little-known and gets call for singing folks with his own monochord along with other instrumentalists as well.

Mayapur, a small village situated in the bank of the river.  Weekly village market is seated, it sits on every Tuesday. Various people come in different color, bring goods to sell and buy, some cosmetic shops, tea stalls, electricity is available in village now, television runs at tea stall, stall becomes crowdy and sell goes well.

Boatman Haru, in past his name was Harun boatman, busy making tea at his tea stall. People are more likely to be in hat (weekly village market) day that’s why his seven year old son Naru comes on every hat day to help his father. Boatman haru’s age is around fifty. Once he handled paddle recklessly in the flooded river. Nowadays engine driven boats run in the river, Boatman Harun doesn’t cope with them, lost again and again, from then people started to call him as boatman Haru.

But losing or giving up is not an object of boatman Haru, he has started tea stall. By accepting Haripad as a master, he joined as an instrumentalist in his team. When the full moon rises in the sky, Boatman Harun takes his boat, goes in the middle of the river and then request Haripad to sing a song. Haripad starts singing, “sky is full of moonlight and stars, river is full of ripples, my heart cries with sorrows, no one can see”.

Time is around to end of the day. Rush is now toward Harun’s tea stall. News has just ended on TV. Pent up excitement in everyone’s mind, a discomfort, there is money in the bank has been hacked, what’s the point? No one could understand. Then again it’s not about one note of twenty or two notes of twenty, it’s about 800 crore taka. No one could understand 800 crore taka mean how many notes of twenty taka? Then it has been hacked again, this HACK means what? Everyone looks at each other.

Sip a cup of hot tea with smoke growing, Guardian of the village asked a question to Shukur Ali, Headmaster of Mayapur Primary School on behalf of the public. “Well Master, lot of money has been hacked, what does it mean?” What people do with such amount? How much money is needed for the people to get happiness, can you say that?

School Teacher Shukur, ages bend under the weight of the body, live daily with hardship and difficulties. Everyone gape at his face at home, everyone has sickness of asking. Meanwhile, he still teaches the kids at school every day. Do not deposit wealth-property for yourself in this world. Here wealth spoiled by worms, get rusty and thief comes to steal. But you all should keep in busy to run in the way of God’s kingdom. Then those things will be yours. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

Hearing to the Head of the village Mr.Shukur master is now turned around his face to all and says “ 800 crore mean what, it’s not possible to make you all understand with counting 20 taka notes and to steal which is similar to the hack. We are poor people of the village, what will happen to get the news of them? Did you remember the year of 2012? The scandal of Hallmark.

In concert of some dishonest employee of the Sonali Bank embezzled 3000 crore taka. Moreover, a fake letter of credit opened in the name of more than 40 companies and took 1 billion.

Now come to the Basic bank. The amount about 300 crore taka and there is the same thing, employee of the bank involved there. After leaking the scandal of hallmark the finance minister said.” In such a big budget it doesn’t matter”. Now hearing in the banking sector, at present, the total amount of outstanding loans are 5 Lakhs 98 thousands 648 crore 21 Lakhs. Where so much money is digested by the people there you all are still counting 1 or 2 note of twenty taka.

Listen, where the treasure is, there is his heart, now the question is; in what do you want to be rich? Life is too shorter on earth, save wealth for the judgment day. Don’t be rich in evil ways, Keep in touch with good.

This time the bony- ignorant and indigent people of the village start to mourn.” Oh Allah these too much money what they did, what they did? How much money mean to be rich? How much money need to buy happiness to the people? Oh man, Oh colored people?

Meanwhile, the sun sank in the west, the power had gone, a strange dense darkness around. Suddenly familiar streets seem to be unknown; fireflies twinkle, sound of breaking waves. Maybe tonight some more arable crop land, some homestead, countless dreams will be swallowed by the river. The wave breaks and breaks, the waves are coming into the engagement of a strange moonlight.

Haripad starts singing….

In what wealth would become rich,

Whatever you sow, you will get,

The world is empty,

Find and you will get the truth,

Oh my heart, in what wealth would become rich,



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