Interview: What did Mrs. Dipika Das say about music fighter Late-Samar Das ?

Liberation war is our pride. By keeping this pride in heart, present generation will lead the future Bangladesh. But there were many ups and downs in the nine months war. Our freedom has been acquired by the cost of thousands lives of martyrs, our present generation is not the eye witness of that. The students get a chance to know from the elders or by delving the history; which may not be universal. So it is necessary to let each student know the history of liberation war. In that case, it is not enough to observe the Indepence Day on 26 March. All citizens whether young or adult must know the history, preserve it and lead the county forward. Especially we must be aware so that this history may not be distorted. We will listen to an interview with Mrs Dipika Bose, the wife of Late Samar Das, the famous composer and music director and revolutionist music fighter of Liberation War. We will listen to the memories of Samar Das during Liberation War from her.

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