Story: Prophet Noah was faithful to the Creator

Human being depends on each other. Believing one another and depending on others are basic instinct of people. Therefore, the importance of faithfulness is essential especially for human being. Faithfulness builds good relationship reciprocally. Again, the relationship can be saved by the faithfulness. That relationship was between Prophet Noah and the almighty Allah, the creator of the Universe. Because Prophet Noah was a faithful man. So we can deduce that Allah loves those who bear the attribute and generous characteristics of faithfulness. Therefore, we need to be good and faithful person to the eyes of everlasting eternal almighty Creator rather than becoming good person to the people of the Earth. In light of this, we will hear a story where Prophet Noah made a massive ship ordered by Almighty Allah who destroyed the whole earth through the appalling flood upon the earth except Noah’s family who was saved by ship and by the grace of Alla.

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